Podcast: Knee Deep…In Beer

On this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, Whitey, Rodbo, and the Scotsman sip some listener-provided IPA. The show beer this week is brought to you by Patrick Krebbs, who supplied a caramel-malt-forward IPA from Dragonmead Brewing out in Michigan (a Midwest brewery, I’ll have you know!).

Next, the guys talk about the lawsuit against Knee Deep Brewing out of Auburn by Sony Pictures. Were people really confusing Breaking Bud with the hit show Breaking Bad? Did folks really assume that the highly successful Breaking Bud beer was affiliated with Sony? A judge is going to have to decide, as Sony is actually asking for DAMAGES in this case.

A second show beer, brought by Whitey is a Washington stout that the guys drink in honor of Dave Bowman of Plausibly Live!

Finally, the guys can’t stay away from the State of Jefferson Brewfest, and the Scotsman goes a little further in his characterization of those who are pro-State-of-Jefferson…please send us angry voicemails!

Hilarity ensures on this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show.

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