Beer Review: Lagunitas Brewing Co’s Imperial Red is like a liquid hop! HOW??

Listen up, congregants.  There is a beer out there (I found it at Sunflower Market), and you need to go get some…now…like, I would forgive you for finishing this post at a later time if only you were instead on the way to your favorite craft beer establishment to get some of this beer. Are you on your way?  Good.  You can read the rest of this when you come back.  If you already have your hands on some of this amazing stuff (Name’s in the title, guys), please, hit the jump to read more about it. Continue reading


Brewery Review: Lagunitas Brewing Co., Petaluma, CA

One evening in 2007, the Deacon and I were working late, testing and re-terminating network connections.  Talk about BORING! The Deacon and I determined that we NEEDED some malty distraction from our present trials and tribulations.  We headed down to the local stop and rob to see what adult beverages the purveyor of potent potables possessed. (Can I just say that alliteration is awesome?) Amidst the flotsam and jetsam that is the regular convenience store beer selection was a beer from a brewery that caught our eyes.  Smack dab in the middle of “Had That” and “That Too” was a beer that looked as if the name had been censored.  Of course, censoring something only serves to heighten its appeal, so this beer seemed to actually be glowing ever-so-slightly from the potentially illicit nature of its name. Based on that sort of marketing gimmick alone, the beer had already been tossed into our “Must Have” basket, and we headed for the cashier, not knowing what a game-changing experience we’d stumbled upon. The beer was Censored Copper Ale, and the brewery was Lagunitas Brewing Company operating in Petaluma, California. Hit the jump to hear a little more about them. Continue reading

120 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head Brewing, a write-up by The Beer Babe

We occasionally get Dogfish Head beers in CA, and they’re always a treat.  Recently, a friend of mine brought a pack each of the 60 minute and 90 minute IPA’s, and they really are stellar.  This is a great write-up of the 120-minute flavor, and you should definitely read it!  Then drink it.  Then drink it some more.

Pastoral Counseling (Q&A): Why do you guys use the word “hoppy” instead of “bitter”

Hello, Congregants.  Welcome to the Pastoral Counseling feature of Ale Evangelism. In this feature, we will attempt to answer the questions asked by friends and readers to bring us all to a better understanding of beer appreciation.

Today’s question comes from several people over the years who wonder if the substitution of the word “hoppy” for “bitter” is just an attempt to make beer consumption seem more pretentious, or whether there’s a good reason for this word choice.

The short answer is that the words “hoppy” and “bitter” are not necessarily synonyms, and should not necessarily be used interchangeably.  After the jump is a bit more of an explanation.  Continue reading