Podcast: Green Flash in the Pan?

This beer might contain no juice, but that didn’t stop it from being JUICY!

On this episode, Whitey and the Scotsman get to drink Contains No Juice by the most excellent Alvarado Street Brewing Company. It really deserves its name, and is really a great beer.  

With that out of the way, the guys begin to talk about the current goings-on with Green Flash Brewing Company. How has such a stalwart beer in the California Beer scene had such a precipitous decline? Well, the Scotsman put some legwork in and took a look at many of the press releases going back to 2013 with regards to Green Flash’s acquisitions, expansions, and even some departures. Does it tell a picture of someone who grew too much, too quickly, or was this simply a case where the market turned against them? Well, you be the judge, but we think you’ll find the history tells the tale. Find the timeline that Scotsman put together: here.

Recording is always a good time. PC: Whitey

Somehow they end up talking about the State of Jefferson, serial killers, and the criminal justice system (?). All in a day’s work on this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show! 

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