When evangelism pays off: A Convert!

I evangelize a great amount when I get right down to it, Congregants. My blog is but one facet of my evangelism, the Twitter another. I’ve begun to pay attention to the way I shape conversations, and the topics to which my conversations naturally gravitate towards. I’ve found that craft beer takes up much of my focus, and it’s interesting to see the way people react. Sometimes, people say, “Wow, you really like beer, don’t you?”  This is said in the same tone of voice as they might say, “Wow, you’re a raging drunk, aren’t you?” Sometimes, it’s more positive, such as, “Wow, I had no idea there was so much to beer.”  Etc. Because I evangelize in all I do, sort of a “pull the pin and chuck it” kind of approach, I savor the moments when it “clicks” for someone.  What, exactly does that mean? Hit the jump, and let’s talk about it. Continue reading