Podcast: Drew’s Gone AWOL

On this episode, Rodbo and the Scotsman mock Drew, who forgot they were supposed to record today. They taste a couple of listener donated beers, as well as they talk about the Belgian Tripel and Dark Strong styles.

They talk about blood-alcohol levels and how many drinks it takes to get there.

Finally, they talk about whether or not Annheuser Busch is producing water or just being more honest on their labeling. It’s a grab bag of topics AND listener donated beer, with the trademark distractions and rabbit-trails you’ve come to know and love from the Ale Evangelist Show.

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Podcast: AB Buys Again!

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On this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, Rodbo, Drew, and the Scotsman enjoy a rare treat: A side-by-side tasting of a 2013 and 2017 Brother Thelonius Belgian Dark Strong! The rich malty goodness only gets better with age, and this one has definitely improved.

The guys also talk about whether it’s a problem that AB InBev has purchased a minority stake in a popular beer rating website, RateBeer. I think you can guess how they feel about this.

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Lodi Beer Co., One of the most fantastic places to get a beer in the Central Valley of California

If it seems like I gush over many breweries, Congregants, it’s because we have so many awesome choices when it comes to craftbeer in California. There are so many breweries who make fantastic craft brews, and to sell one short simply because I prefer another seems to do a disservice to the hard work these people put in and the fine products they put out.  That being said, Lodi Beer Company is certainly one of my favorite places to grab a craft beer in the Central Valley, not the least reason of which, it’s only an hour drive from my house. What’s so great about it? Please read on…
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