Donate to the Show!

We never started the Ale Evangelist Show to make money. We did it because we love talking about beer, and because other people seemed to always have a lot of questions for us about one of our favorite subjects. We did it to get good information out there, and we did it because it’s fun.

However, we’ve had to buy equipment, services, and yes, beer. And we have more needs for equipment, services, and beer down the road.  In short, we sure could use your help, my friends.

So that’s what these links are for. No obligation, and the Ale Evangelist Show is always going to be free. We’re just asking for any assistance with the above costs that you can afford. If you don’t like the preselected amounts we’ve chosen, enter your own. We’ll most likely mention you on the show unless you tell us not to! Thanks, and Cheers!