The Battle For Who Could Care Less

Friend: What do you think of Alaskan?

A.E.: They’re a solid, venerable brewery. Worth visiting if you can, and worth drinking when you can.

Friend: Ah, I didn’t know if…well…not that I care all that much…but is it craft?


An ancient woodcutting depicting the first beer snob.

Well, is it? As I had this discussion with a friend, I assured him that Alaskan was craft, even while I wondered why he expected me to…if he didn’t care all that much. Again, we struggle with the necessity of this definition, and is it any wonder? We really are a bunch of hipsters, aren’t we? We look askance at what others have in their glasses if what they are drinking is not truly “craft.” But what, again, is the definition of craft? Continue reading

FoMO and craft beer: Chasing the white whale

The elusive, long-sought-after, white whale of a beer. Do you have one of those on your list? How much would you pay for a can of Heady Topper? A bottle of Westvleteren XII? Would you travel to Indiana for Dark Lord Day? Do you line up to get a sip of Pliny the Younger? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself: Why? Continue reading

Beer Review – Firestone-Walker Double Jack

The Double (and triple, or Imperial) IPA style is becoming more and more common out here on the West Coast of the U.S.A. Most of the big breweries have done or are doing limited editions of their tried-and-true IPA’s, and for good reason. While some commercial examples of the style are turning out to have little to offer except extreme bitterness, some gems stand out from the rest of the crowd, and Firestone-Walker’s Double Jack is one shining example of what the Imperial IPA can be. Continue reading