Podcast: Interview with David Walker of Firestone Walker Brewing @ 10 EAST

In this very special Ale Evangelist Show, The Scotsman and Drew are back at one of their favorite haunts, 10 EAST Kitchen and Taproom for a tap takeover.

David Walker: the Lion, himself, is a class act, truly. A very gracious person, and we were privileged to sit with him for this interview. Many thanks to David and to Firestone Walker for the great event!

David Walker: the Lion, himself, is a class act, truly. A very gracious person, and we were privileged to sit with him for this interview. Many thanks to David @ Firestone Walker, as well as Derek Walker @ 10 EAST for the great event!

Firestone Walker had a stellar showing with an amazing taplist. The Scotsman and Drew try a couple of very special barrel-aged beers, and in a special treat for the listeners they interview David Walker, the Lion himself. The co-founder of the 4-time mid-size brewery of the year award-winner from the GABF is a truly gracious and personable guy, and they had a great time with him for over a half hour!

David Walker is truly one of the luminaries in California Craft Beer, and the guys are truly appreciative of Derek Walker at 10 EAST for the opportunity to interview him. You don’t want to miss this show, listeners!

To download this podcast, right-click the mug, and click "Save Link As" or "Save Target As"

To download this podcast, right-click the mug, and click “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”


Beer Review: Elysian Brewing Co., Night Owl Pumpkin Ale

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Lodi Beer Co., One of the most fantastic places to get a beer in the Central Valley of California

If it seems like I gush over many breweries, Congregants, it’s because we have so many awesome choices when it comes to craftbeer in California. There are so many breweries who make fantastic craft brews, and to sell one short simply because I prefer another seems to do a disservice to the hard work these people put in and the fine products they put out.  That being said, Lodi Beer Company is certainly one of my favorite places to grab a craft beer in the Central Valley, not the least reason of which, it’s only an hour drive from my house. What’s so great about it? Please read on…
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Brewery Review: Lagunitas Brewing Co., Petaluma, CA

One evening in 2007, the Deacon and I were working late, testing and re-terminating network connections.  Talk about BORING! The Deacon and I determined that we NEEDED some malty distraction from our present trials and tribulations.  We headed down to the local stop and rob to see what adult beverages the purveyor of potent potables possessed. (Can I just say that alliteration is awesome?) Amidst the flotsam and jetsam that is the regular convenience store beer selection was a beer from a brewery that caught our eyes.  Smack dab in the middle of “Had That” and “That Too” was a beer that looked as if the name had been censored.  Of course, censoring something only serves to heighten its appeal, so this beer seemed to actually be glowing ever-so-slightly from the potentially illicit nature of its name. Based on that sort of marketing gimmick alone, the beer had already been tossed into our “Must Have” basket, and we headed for the cashier, not knowing what a game-changing experience we’d stumbled upon. The beer was Censored Copper Ale, and the brewery was Lagunitas Brewing Company operating in Petaluma, California. Hit the jump to hear a little more about them. Continue reading