Help us out: Listener survey!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening ladies and gents, The Scotsman here!

First off, I want to thank you all for listening and for interacting with us on the Ale Evangelist Show. We love the feedback, but we know that not everyone is interested in social media.  We want to hear from ALL of our listeners on this one. Please click the following link: (Link opens in new window/tab)

and let us know your experience and preferences in beer, as well as some information about how many podcasts you listen to and whether any of them are beer podcasts. It’s 7 questions (8 if you want to write us a comment), and we don’t collect any personally identifiable information.

The results will only be used to help us understand who is listening to us, so we know best how to tailor the content we provide.

Also note, if you want to come back to the survey at a later date, the link can be found in the upper right corner of this site, above the contact details. We will run the survey for about a month, so please take the time to answer. One survey completion per computer, please. If you listen with your wife/husband/significant other, you can let us know in the comments without providing any other personal information than that!

Thanks, listeners, and thank you again!

Podcast ready to post, but having technical difficulties

Due to technical difficulties, we're having problems uploading the show. Stay tuned!

Due to technical difficulties, we’re having problems uploading the show. Stay tuned!

Hello listeners!

The podcast is ready to post, but technical difficulties are preventing it from being posted right now. As soon as possible, we’ll get it posted, and it’ll show up on your subscription feeds!

Sorry about the inconvenience, and we’ll get it posted as soon as possible.

Reminder: Brew with Scotsman and Drew & Upcoming live podcast @ 10 EAST this Thursday!

Just a reminder that TODAY is your last chance to get your name in for the Brew with Scotsman and Drew event on September 26th.  If you’re free that day, and would like to come hang out, brew some beer, drink some amazing beer, and eat some tasty gourmet sausages from Lockeford Meats, e-mail me at, text me at 800-ALES, or send me a Facebook private message through the Facebook fan page!

Also, remember that we will be @ 10 EAST for the Societe Tap Takeover this Thursday (9/17) doing a live podcast and enjoying the awesomeness that is 10 EAST in Turlock from about 6pm to whenever we finish. You don’t want to miss what Societe is doing, and to have such a brewery all the way up from San Diego is truly a treat.

Finally, we have some cool plans in the works that I can’t wait to tell you about. Stay tuned and keep listening.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Live podcast @ 10 EAST, Thursday, September 17th!

societelogoThat’s right, the Ale Evangelist show will be recording live at 10 EAST in Turlock on Thursday, September 17th at around 6:15pm!  They’re having a tap takeover of Societe Brewing out of San Diego, and you won’t want to miss the beer they’re going to have available! The brewer at Societe made his bones under Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing. It’s going to be well worth your time to check out what they’ve got going on and get some amazing grub!

The Ale Evangelist Show returns, Saturday 9/12!

My beer brothers and sisters, the Scotsman and Drew return with a new episode of the Ale Evangelist show this Saturday! We do a hard root beer shoot out where we identify the best hard root beer out there, and we talk about the Lagunitas acquisition by Heineken, and what it means for Craft Beer.  It’s been a long hiatus, but it’s finally over, and we had a great time recording this show!