About Ale Evangelist Show

A podcast about craft beer appreciation, news, and the craft beer scene in the Central Valley of California. Ale Evangelism is about spreading the good news of good booze throughout the land, and that is what we aim to do on this podcast!

Podcast: Knee Deep…In Beer

On this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, Whitey, Rodbo, and the Scotsman sip some listener-provided IPA. The show beer this week is brought to you by Patrick Krebbs, who supplied a caramel-malt-forward IPA from Dragonmead Brewing out in Michigan (a Midwest brewery, I’ll have you know!).

Next, the guys talk about the lawsuit against Knee Deep Brewing out of Auburn by Sony Pictures. Were people really confusing Breaking Bud with the hit show Breaking Bad? Did folks really assume that the highly successful Breaking Bud beer was affiliated with Sony? A judge is going to have to decide, as Sony is actually asking for DAMAGES in this case.

A second show beer, brought by Whitey is a Washington stout that the guys drink in honor of Dave Bowman of Plausibly Live!

Finally, the guys can’t stay away from the State of Jefferson Brewfest, and the Scotsman goes a little further in his characterization of those who are pro-State-of-Jefferson…please send us angry voicemails!

Hilarity ensures on this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show.

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Podcast: Green Flash in the Pan?

This beer might contain no juice, but that didn’t stop it from being JUICY!

On this episode, Whitey and the Scotsman get to drink Contains No Juice by the most excellent Alvarado Street Brewing Company. It really deserves its name, and is really a great beer.  

With that out of the way, the guys begin to talk about the current goings-on with Green Flash Brewing Company. How has such a stalwart beer in the California Beer scene had such a precipitous decline? Well, the Scotsman put some legwork in and took a look at many of the press releases going back to 2013 with regards to Green Flash’s acquisitions, expansions, and even some departures. Does it tell a picture of someone who grew too much, too quickly, or was this simply a case where the market turned against them? Well, you be the judge, but we think you’ll find the history tells the tale. Find the timeline that Scotsman put together: here.

Recording is always a good time. PC: Whitey

Somehow they end up talking about the State of Jefferson, serial killers, and the criminal justice system (?). All in a day’s work on this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show! 

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Podcast: Never Fear…Glitter Beer!

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On this wandering, wide-ranging episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, Whitey and the Scotsman talk about everything from Koolickles (which they actually TASTE on the show) to glitter beer, to retro video games, to spiders, to unique beer dispensing methods, to entering the beer fest season. They go all OVER the place.

Show beers for this random show are the Cleophus Quealy Oatmeal Stout, and the Morgan Territory Hoptomic Double IPA, both dispensed by The Sub, which they also talk about.

Finally, listener Johnny K submits a question/challenge to the Ale Evangelists, which they answer and discuss on the show. Don’t miss this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show!

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Podcast: The Beer Fix

Nice and crisp IPA. I believe Patrick still has these, so go git some!

On this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, Whitey, Drew, and the Scotsman are joined once again by Hank Olson of the Food Fix Truck to talk food, flavors, koolickles (?) and beer.

The guys drink Crux’s Cast Out IPA, Mikkeller’s Hammerhead Corvette Double NE IPA, and Blaker Brewing’s absolutely delectable Pineapple Milkshake IPA. What do they think of these hop showcases? Well, you should listen and find out.

They talk what’s new at the Food Fix Truck, chat about the absolute best name for a sandwich EVER, and what Hank’s current favorite Fix is on the truck, the Food Fix Folks’ plan for a brick and mortar establishment, and whether or not you’ll ever see Koolickles on the truck. (You may hear them on the next show!)

Oh man. Luscious, juicy, yumminess. Not an IPA, sure, but an amazing beer.

Finally, on the beer side of the experience, the guys talk about IBU’s, whether they really describe anything, and why some of these new-fangled IPA’s aren’t nearly as bitter as they used to be. They talk about IPA’s of the past, and why these teeth-grinding hop bombs were so bitter, and what’s changed.

As always when Hank joins them, they have a lot of fun, so you definitely want to check out this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show!

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Podcast: Should we shed a TIER?

An Icelandic Scottish Beer??? Well…yeah, we’ll try it!

On this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, the Scotsman reunites with Drew and Whitey to talk about why Rodbo was…well…indisposed and unable to record. Quickly the topics turn to (what else?) beer!

After talking about what has been up in a beery fashion, the guys discuss briefly whether the oft-maligned three-tier system has actually been GOOD for craft beer. (Say it ain’t so!)  Could the tax breaks and sales restrictions actually be good for small breweries? Should the three tier system remain so craft beer can continue to thrive?

This beer was…absolutely odd. Listen to find out what we thought about it!

Next up, the Scotsman decides to get rid of his Zymatic…sort of. He’s replacing it with the NEW version (and you can, too, at 50% off, even!!)  If you buy the new Z, use the official Ale Evangelist Show code: KYTHD, to score $50 off!

Finally, they try the second edition (from the same bottling) of Listener Clay’s Irish Red.  Is it better with age? Are the bottles inconsistent? The guys all talk about what potential issues can come about when you bottle beer.

All of this excellent content along with two different Whitey-supplied show beers means you don’t want to miss this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show!

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