This just in: AB InBev plans takeover bid for SABMiller

If you’re wondering what this means for the increasingly-irrelevantly-named market segment of craft beer, you’re not alone.  As the article mentions, Spiros Malandrakis doesn’t think it’ll make much of a difference:

[It] will remain largely irrelevant to the scores of millennials seeking alternatives to big beer’s offerings.

While this will almost certainly be the case in the immediate future, it remains to be seen how greatly such a deal will affect consumer choice in the long term. With AB and Miller snatching up craft breweries in the last few years, it is not entirely inconceivable that distributors will return to a time when 100% of their offerings were ABInBev-Miller selections. ABInBev has not shown any squeamishness in the past in using their tremendous clout to crowd out alternatives and smaller breweries. When they have a more diverse portfolio to offer, reasons to resist the juggernaut’s attempt to control every tier of the market will dwindle.

Did you see the numbers in that article?? The two breweries combined do annual sales of **$55 billion**!! That is a force to be reckoned with. With craft beer being the only segment of the beer market growing these days, you can bet a sizeable chunk of that revenue will be used to snatch up more and more smaller breweries to snag some of that market. What will that mean for the future of craft brewing?


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