Podcast: Dark Beer

“I just don’t like dark beer…”

In the Dark Beer Show, The Scotsman and Drew enjoy an 825 State Stout from Epic Brewing Company, in Colorado. They discuss the merits of this dark beer and dark beer in general. In this show, they cover the WIDE ranges of flavors and colors contained in the appellation “Dark Beer” as they talk about why you may, in fact, actually LIKE a dark beer if you’d give it a chance. What makes a beer dark? Are dark beers always heavy, highly alcoholic brews?

Listen to the Dark Beer show to find the answers to these, and many more questions, as well as to get a list of beers that are approachable by the inexperienced dark beer drinker.

To download this podcast, right-click the mug, and click "Save Link As" or "Save Target As"

To download this podcast, right-click the mug, and click “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Dark Beer

  1. I really enjoyed this show. I have spent the last week talking to all sorts of people about these same issues. “The craft brews are too dark for me” comes up over and over again. I personally like dark beers coming from the Scotch angle like Drew, but they aren’t always what we think they are. I have mentioned the unhusked roasting to a few people and how that often just changes the color without changing the flavor turning a “lighter” beer into a dark beer with the same flavor. Thanks so much for the pod-casts (I am listening to them a little late but I am catching up). Now if I can just find a creative way to get these into the hands of more people I know. Giving them the site is one thing but giving them the pod-casts in a nice package is a very different thing altogether. I also appreciate that you bring up your faith in the mix and make sure to emphasize that beer is meant to be enjoyed and not generally over indulged in. Everyone has their moments but still 😉 I am doing my best to tell absolutely everyone I meet about your show and hoping I can help reach a few more people and give you the listeners you deserve. I just might have to activate my Facebook page to participate more if I can. Thanks again.

    • Ryan, it is awesome to hear from you! A great dark beer to put in front of dark beer “haters” is Xingu. You can find it in the local BevMos in the Mexican-South American section. Well worth it, because it’s one of those which doesn’t TASTE dark, but is. 🙂 Another tack is to put something like a Firestone Walker Pivo Pils in front of them. This is a craft beer, but it’s LIGHT. That might convince the people you’re talking to that not all craft beer is dark, or even amber-colored!

      As for getting these out, downloading them and putting them on a CD might be a good thing. Working with them to get them on their phones might help as well. I have a friend who kept saying he’d listen, and I kept telling him how easy it was to set up, etc. I ended up walking him through setting it up using Podcast Addict on his Android phone, and he was amazed at how easy it was. Kept saying, “If I’d known it was THAT easy…” lol

      Thank you for the kind comments, Ryan! It’s great to know that people are listening. I wouldn’t want to be the CAUSE that drags you back to Facebook, but I can say that you’d be welcome on our page if you did. 🙂 Thanks SO much for listening, and for getting the word out. We’re having a great time doing the show, and it’s good to know that people are enjoying what we’re doing. Blessings to you, and may many wonderful beers be in your future!

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