What’s up with the Ale Evangelist Show?

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, my friends! I wanted to announce that this long-neglected blog and Twitter account of mine is in the process of being converted. No, I’m not changing my mind on whether the good news of good booze should be spread. Rather, I’m changing the way in which I will be doing it. The details? Read on!

I am preparing to begin a podcast series to get the information out about craft beer. This podcast will have news, information about craft beer with an emphasis on the Central Valley of California. I have teamed up with the Podcast99 Network (http://www.podcast99.com) to bring the Ale Evangelist Show to the Internet Airwaves in the next couple of weeks.


  • For one, I’ll be posting things here (and on the Facebook fan page, which you can check out to the right of this post) again. That’s a pretty major change for me, and I aim to provide interesting, and relevant content here, on Twitter, and on Facebook.
  • Every other week, there will be a new Ale Evangelist Show, which will be posted here, and will be streamable using your favorite podcast app.
  • I will be tailoring much of the content to be relevant and interesting primarily to the good folks in the Central Valley of California. The Podcast 99 Network, so named for Highway 99 running through Modesto, Fresno, and Sacramento, is a network dedicated to local interest podcasts. While what is happening in the wide world of beer affects many areas, the interviews and information will be of interest to those living around this area.
  • Finally, as I am known as The Scotsman to the listeners of Plausibly Live (the Official Podcast of the Dave Bowman Show), I will be referring to myself frequently as such. Ale Evangelist, then, is more of a title…anyone who seeks to spread the good news of good booze can be an Ale Evangelist!

So thank you, those of my readers who have followed the blog, and thank you to anyone who will be listening to the show! I’m hoping we’ll have a great time doing it, and interacting with one another through it!

Slàinte mhath!

~The Scotsman

2 thoughts on “What’s up with the Ale Evangelist Show?

    • Alebagger, it’s truly good to hear from you as well! My goal, while locally focused, is to also show people how to enjoy good beer. I would love feedback from the other side of the pond, as well! It’s always good to hear how others find their craft beer scenes.

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