Let me explain……

As Ale Evangelist has mentioned, I am “new to craft beer”. Right now I am drinking a Steel Reserve for the purpose of getting a buzz. I have known Ale Evangelist long enough to know that this is not beer; I am committing a “no-no”. They say that step 1  is admitting you have a problem. Step 1, check!

Here are the beers that I currently consider to be my “good beers”.

  • Blue Moon
  • Leinenkugel’s Blackberry Wheat

Wow, either I’m having a major brain fart or that’s it! Now you see the sad state of affairs I’m in. I know I like wheat beers, and I know I hate porters. I don’t enjoy IPA’s but I can tolerate them as opposed to the porter, which I cannot. I think this is the extent of it. I have been talking to Ale Evangelist for some time now so if I forgot something he remembers, he can add it in. I would like to try new beers but how does one like myself, who is very limited on time, achieve this? On Thursdays a friend of mine and myself always go out and run errands and usually hit some sort of bar for apps and drinks. Its a ritual. So what do I do? Do I order anything new? Or can you, the upper echelon, help me in my quest?

I will do all that you suggest pending it fits in with my crazy schedule, and in between that I will be drinking beer as your average American and posting about it. I think these posts will better help those who read to either help me or avoid my mistakes.

2 thoughts on “Let me explain……

  1. Acolyte, I’m glad you’re here. I have some ideas about improving your palate and broadening your beer horizons, but I think this subject will be the topic of many blog entries in the future. Suffice to say, for now, that you should always take the opportunity to try something you’ve not tried before. Try it, think about it, and then research it later when you are able to connect to the Internet. Feel free to post your thoughts on these beers you try here. Learn what styles you like over others, but don’t sell any one style short…especially porter. Have you tried Maui Coconut Porter? Dude, you need to try that beer. We’ll chat, my old friend.

  2. First step to going a step above when you consume beer: Give us a list of beers you see. When you go somewhere, make a note of the tap list. What do they have on tap where you are a regular. If you give me a list, we can start talking about what each beer is, and what you can expect when you drink it. Beer is more than a little daunting, I know, when you’re first getting into it. It can be difficult to even know what to go for when in the store or in a bar, and it’s way easy to get stuck in a rut with favorite, “safe” brewers like Leinenkugel’s, etc. So get me a tap list at one of your regular joints, and we’ll go from there.

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