Micro-brew, micro review: Moylan’s Kilt Lifter

Kilt Lifter was my first experience of the style known as Scotch Ales. For that, I owe Moylan’s my eternal gratitude. They set me on the path to Scottish style ales, and for that I cannot thank them enough. But is it a good beer, worthy of your hard-earned cash?


The last of a nice glass of scotch ale...and my ears are warm

The beer promises little in the nose. A hint of cider, some lingering sweetness, some alcohol burn in the nose. Beer pours with a slight head, which doesn’t stick around for long, and there is no lacing. The mouthfeel is nice and viscous, but not overly so. Feels smooth in the mouth. The flavor is reminiscent of a nice 80/- cask ale. Slight toffee, caramel notes with hints of smoke, accentuated with the burn of alcohol. As with most scotch ales, little to no hop character is present. A rich buttery feel remains on the tongue after the ale has been swallowed, which is very reminiscent of a cask scotch ale. This buttery richness is not something you get with a keg ale, since the co2 usually obscures it. Moylan’s hit the nail on the head with the richness of a cask ale in the bottle.

Not my favorite scotch ale, but a worthy contribution to the world of malty ales from Alba!

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