Hey, it gets me drunk: A Rant

I have a couple of blog posts in the works, and I apologize for the lack of updates. As I said recently, I started a new job in November, which is taking a lot of my time during the day, and my wife and I had a baby somewhat prior to that, which takes a lot of my time during the evening.  Daytime and evening being spoken for, I have very little time left for much else.

That being said, I have been enjoying fine craft beer. What I have been neglecting to do is write about it.  To quote one of my favorite films, “Well, that’s something we shall have to remedy, isn’t it?”


A mindset I have recently encountered which I am having a difficult time dealing with is the mindset of “hey, it gets me drunk, I’ll drink it.”  Specifically, there is a person I have been speaking to about the wide world of craft beer.  He marvels…he is suitably impressed by the variety of which, heretofore, he was unaware. He asks questions such that I know he is paying attention and processing what I am saying; questions such as “where do you get these weird beers?”  Or comments such as, “I had no idea such a thing existed.” He knows that beers which shall not be named on this blog are not of a very high quality. He has been shown that such beverages only technically qualify as beer, and I have explained to him what I’m talking about.

All of this he understands.  However, when I try to explain to him the reason why I will not imbibe such offerings, he utters that exceedingly confusing phrase. He explains “I don’t drink beer for the TASTE…I drink it for the effect.” Now, I’ll not lie and say that a pleasant, warm buzz is not a desirable effect. I’ll not claim that I don’t enjoy the effects of ethanol on the human body. I will say, however, that not since I was….ahem….”in college” was this the primary reason for drinking. It’s not that I don’t understand why someone would enjoy being buzzed.  However, why limit yourself to poor examples of beer when seeking after this effect? Why ignore your sense of taste, sight, and smell while getting buzzed?

One thing I need to try with this guy is drinking with him, I know. Remember that “time” thing I mentioned above?  Yeah, the lack of time inhibits such pursuits.  It’s on my list, though.  Until I have the time, I must content myself with planning the ultimate tasting list to appeal to someone who’s never really seen much appeal in spending more than $4 on a 6-pack. (And really, why buy a measly 6-pack, when there are entire CASES of “beer” to be procured?)

Ultimately, this rant is a mild one.  I genuinely like this individual, though his outlook on beer baffles me. I suspect I just need to broaden his horizons by opening my own pocketbook and shelling out the money for the types of beers he’d never consider buying. Generosity may go some distance in showing him my passion for craft beer.

Gentle reader, have you encountered such an individual? Were you able to win them over to the “dark side” of beer, so to speak?  Share with me your success stories! We must unite against mass-produced, fizzy, tasteless beers!


On a completely unrelated note, I composed this post entirely using an Android-powered Motorola Xoom, with a bluetooth keyboard. Ain’t technology grand?

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