Beer review: Guinness Foreign Extra

When I began my craft beer journey, Guinness Draught was naturally my first easy-to-find craft beer. However, as my palate developed, I found Guinness to be lacking in…nearly every flavor I love about craft beer. It wasn’t malty enough to hold my attention, and it wasn’t hoppy enough to help develop my appreciation for the wonderful, bitter lupulin. Ultimately, I stopped buying or drinking it unless I was pouring a shot of Canadian Whiskey in it. Guinness Foreign Extra may change my mind.

Appearance: This stout pours as black as you expect from Guinness. What Draught lacks in flavor, it makes up in pure darkness. A nice, substantial head is poured with the black gold, which leaves significant lacing while drinking.

Aroma: malty sweetness, with hints of bitterness, and some black licorice. Sadly, I have a slightly stuffy nose.

Flavor: a much bigger flavor profile than I expected from Guinness with lots of malt, roasted coffee flavors, and a significant hop bitterness throughout the finish.  Not as much alcohol flavor as I expected from a 7.5% beer, but after a couple, I could feel it.

Overall: an awesome offering from the Guinness brewery. I have not liked what I have seen of the direction of the brewery recently, with their “easy drinking” black lager, and their extra cold versions found in many U.K. pubs. I had mostly written them off as a brewery more concerned with the perception of their product by the macrobeer swilling masses than they are with creating a quality product. I think I may have been premature.

1 thought on “Beer review: Guinness Foreign Extra

  1. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as a finely produced craft beer (if you like beer of course). Being a microbrew enthusiast for the better part of 10 years now, I am constantly on the hunt for the holy grail of all craft beers. My endless quest has allowed me to sample some of the finest microbrews around.

    I’ll go ahead and give Summit Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest Marzen a 6.00 out of 10.00 possible points on my rating scale. I’ll also add, that I’d really love to try this microbrew fresh on draft sometime at a local watering hole. I’m guessing that it just might make a significant improving difference in this microbrew’s flavor and richness versus the long travelled bottled version.

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