Beer Review: Doppelbock, Dust Bowl Brewing Co.

While I was at Dust Bowl Brewing Co’s Tap Room, I was privileged to try several different styles of Brewmaster Don Oliver’s fantastic craft beer. The Doppelbock was the first of the afternoon, and let me know that the decision to hold a Session Meeting here was a good one. Sadly, you won’t be able to find this nummy beer anywhere outside of the tap room, so go there, and enjoy!

Appearance: This excellent example of a doppelbock pours a rich, copper color. Slight, rich head, which disappeared fairly quickly (common with rich lager styles, I’ve seen) and left no lacing. Some more head retention on this beer would be good, and would help to release more aromatics. Score: 4

Smell: Very fruity aroma. Hints of banana and a generous dollop of clover honey. The honey is a wonderful undertone throughout this entire beer. Score: 5

Mouthfeel: Rich, thick, creamy mouthfeel. Almost no carbonation burn, which reminds me of some of the fantastic cask ales I’ve had. I keep wanting to use the word, rich.  This is not because I don’t have a good vocabulary, or access to a thesaurus. It’s just that a good doppelbock, which this is, ought to be very rich. Score: 4.5

Taste: This beer tastes excellent! More honey, sweet malt, yeasty goodness. The finish is a slight alcohol burn, not unexpected for a 7.5% abv beer. In fact, this beer is deceptively drinkable.  You might be more surprised to find yourself waking up from a nice nap if you had a couple of these. Score: 4.5

Overall: Everything you expect a good doppelbock to be. The hops are minimal, and probably of the noble variety.  As I said earlier, it’s deceptively drinkable. I had a full pint of this, and could have had several more.  Of course, then I wouldn’t have been much for reviews for the rest of the day. It’s definitely too “big” to be a session beer, but its malty smoothness lulls you into thinking you can handle a couple. A great example of the style.  Very much enjoyed it. Score: 4.5

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