Review: Boston Beer Co’s Samuel Adams Boston Lager

This is a solid, average beer.  Given that it arrived in an era when “decent beer” wasn’t a combination of words we ever saw in America, it’s held up well.  Not a bad lawnmower beer, but nothing to write home about, either. 

Appearance – A little lighter than I normally like to drink, still this beer looks fairly pretty in the glass.  A light-colored head appears, maybe a finger’s width, and stays around thinly throughout the enjoyment phase. (3.5)

Smell – This is an area where I’m definitely not impressed with this beer.  Some hops, and little else. No malt, no overtones or undertones.  Just some aromatic hops.  Decent hops, sure, but not a ton of aroma to this beer. (2.5)

Taste – I was surprised when I took my first sip this evening.  Almost some wheaty flavors.  Definitely more hopping than you expect from a lager.  Refreshing, certainly.  A light-bodied, refreshing lawnmower beer. Some lingering sweetness on the finish makes you want to take another sip. (3.5)

Mouthfeel – More body than those “other” lagers available everywhere horse urine is sold, but that’s not saying much.  It’s definitely on the thinner side of craft beer, but it’s definitely not the wateriest beer on the planet.  If it were too heavy, it would not be good at all either, so it’s pretty much what I expected. Balanced, and comfortably predictable. (3.0)

Overall – As I’ve said before, this beer is refreshing, light, and sold pretty much everywhere, so you’re guaranteed to be able to lay hands on it.  When Jim Koch started making this beer, the craft brew revolution was still in its infancy.  Mr. Koch bucked the trends and got this beer to the thirsty masses, and the rest was history.  It’s not shooting off fireworks these days, but it’s stuck around, and for good reason. (3.0)

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