Hey you want a Coor’s Light? Uhhh….er…..not really?

I have a neighbor who is a nice guy.  He really is. His family are good people, and I like hanging out with him on occasion.  I don’t like his choice in beer. Invariably, if he’s out and about in the yard, he’ll be having a light beer of some kind, and he’ll catch sight of me.

Hey man!  You want a Coor’s Light?


Hey man!  You want a Corona?

Now, the honest answer to that question is, “Uh, no thanks.  I’ll just drink this antifreeze I have in the garage over here!”  But I can’t say that.  Usually, I say, “No, man.  Thanks.  I’m good.”  Or something of that nature in the attempt to be as inoffensive as possible.

It’s hard to break someone of crappy beer when all they want the beer for is to taste as much like nothing as possible, but still get them drunk. I’m thinking a nice, bready wheat might be the beer that tips him to the craft beer side of things, if anything will.  This Sam Adams Boston Lager I’m drinking now is certainly full of malty goodness, but I’m worried the hoppiness compared to most light lagers might put him off.

What do you think has the best chance of converting him as I evangelize?

2 thoughts on “Hey you want a Coor’s Light? Uhhh….er…..not really?

  1. Good question! How about replying ‘Thanks, but you’re always giving me your beer. Why don’t you have some of mine?’ Then wheel out something super-luscious. You never know, you may get a convert!

    • Hey thanks for the read and the comment!

      Thing is, I’ve never had one of his beers, I don’t think. 😀 He’s always offering, though. I’ve given him some of mine, though. I’ll convert him. I just need to be persistent. 😀

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