Ale Evangelism is live!

Welcome all and sundry to Ale Evangelism – Spreading the good news about good booze throughout the land!  Our primary focus will be beer, but with the Minister of Mixology being so experienced in cocktails and the hard stuff, I’m hoping to get some contributions from him now and again.  Still don’t be surprised if we talk about food, rant about the politics of brewing, and whatever else we think of.  That being said, we really do intend to focus on beer.

Have questions for any members of the Session?  Please feel free to ask them! We’ll answer them on the blog. Want us to link to your blog/brewery/book, etc?  Let us know what you’ve got going on, we’ll check out the link, and if it’s good material, we’ll link to it!

If you want to know about us, check out the “About The Session” page. This details who your Session is, and what their specialty styles are, along with some history of their appreciation of good booze. To get a feel for what we’re all about, “The Confession” is your one-stop-shop for all things Ale Evangelism.

So sit back and relax.  Soon, content will start appearing from the Session, and if you feel beer-inspired, speak up! Please feel free to drop a line or comment on any of our articles.  Don’t agree with our assessments?  Let us know.  Above all, we want to educate, and education is best accomplished through interactions.

So grab a (good) beer, sit back, and enjoy!

Pull up a stool and join the conversation!

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